OUR food & drinks

Italian cooking is local cooking. The cuisine of Italy varies widely by region and has always been defined by the harvest at hand.

For the famers, families and chefs in towns across the country, food is locally sourced and simply made. “Il Prodotto” (“the ingredient”) is prioritized over “La Tecnica” ('the technique”).

True to the traditions of Italian cooking, we are sourcing food from our local bounty whenever we can and letting the ingredients shine. Our pastas are all made in house with local, organic flours. Our produce and meats are sourced from the purveyors of the Hudson Valley and surrounding farm areas. Our coffee is an exclusive Italian blend roasted just for us in Brooklyn by our friends at Toby's Estate.

We're also aware that some of the best stuff on earth is grown and made in Italy, so once in a while we'll bring it over. Like our all-Italian wine list, over 125 bottles strong and featuring our own private label organic rose and white wines. 


True to the traditions of Italian cooking, we source from our local bounty whenever possible. We hope you enjoy the ingredients grown by our friends and purveyors, who share our commitment to wholesome and sustainable food.