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Our Story

La Pecora Bianca (“the white sheep”), offers a relaxed, all day dining experience with approachable, quality Italian food, in a stylish and comfortable setting.

We take Italian food back to its roots as a local and seasonal cuisine, with a menu that centers around house-made pastas and modern takes on classic Italian fare. All of our pastas, including our signature rigatoni vodka, gramigna, and tagliatelle bolognese, are made daily in-house. 

Our drinks are inspired by the tradition of aperitivo hour on the ‘Piazza’, and feature the La Pecora Rosa organic rosé, an extensive selection of spritzes and negronis, and signature cocktails built around Italian Amari.

For us and our guests, Italian is not just a cuisine, it’s a way of life: a social ritual centered around food and drink that makes every day feel a little more fully-lived.

There’s No “I” In “Empathy”

Our most prized possessions are the warm relationships we build with our guests and with each other. We recognize that we all have different needs and perspectives and approach each interaction with mindfulness and a desire to listen. We recognize that when our perspectives differ, meaningful connection is forged through validating the other while upholding our own values.

Italian is a Way of Life

“Italian” means more than just pasta to us. It’s an attitude that emphatically celebrates life and views food as a way to share joy and foster human connection. We enhance our guests’ daily life with a touch of magic and enjoy serving our guests as much they enjoy being served.

We Are Family

We offer our team a nurturing long-term home where each individual can build their career and fulfill their potential. We support long term tenure through consistent feedback and mentoring and unlimited opportunities for growth and advancement. We share our business success with our team through compensation and benefits that support long term financial security. We support each other's development and applaud each other's successes.

Thinking Outside the Plate

We relish the daily opportunity to create and innovate, whether it's an unexpected take on a classic dish or a novel approach to an operational challenge. We believe the best ideas can come from unexpected places and empower our entire team to shape our company’s direction.

We've Got the Receipts

We hold ourselves accountable to follow through on our commitments, recognizing that a relentless focus on execution is the path to excellence. We own up to our mistakes without shame or embarrassment and act with integrity in our relationships with guests and each other.